readyChat is DesignSkate's newest product. readyChat expands upon moChat, one of our very first chat products. Now faster, more optimized and more fun to use, readyChat is an example of things to come.


Where do we start? readyChat boasts a vast array of features, from flash games to guest login. This list will be expanded as time progresses.

You can view a list of our favourite features below, though it is subject to change as new features are added regularly, all are free of charge to existing customers.

Top Class Support

Need some support installing readyChat? We have multiple team members "ready" to get you started. All support is free, as are small modifications to the source.

Free Product Updates

We don't believe in charging you for products you already own, that's why all product updates are free until the product is discontinued.

Private Discussions

readyChat supports private chat sessions between users. This feature can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.

Brilliantly Simple Administration

Managing your chat rooms is fast and effortless, just as it should be. You can manage everything from rooms to users via the admin panel (Demo).

Guest Access

Guests can access your chat room and partake in the discussions, or simply watch over them with the read-only mode. Guest Access can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.


A great way to show how you're feeling, even greater when adding them is as simple as uploading an image to a folder. readyChat supports an infinite number of smilies, it's simply a question of speed.

Automatic Hyperlinks

By using the http:// protocol in chat, text is automatically converted to a link! This feature can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.

Multiple Rooms

readyChat supports multiple chat rooms. This means you can create an infinite amount of rooms for different topics.

Room Passwords

Rooms can be password protected to prevent just anyone from entering, furthermore guest access to specific rooms can be disabled.

Fast Installer

readyChat takes care of the installation process for you, including setting up an initial admin account. This process takes no longer than 2 minutes.

Flash Games

Embed flash games into your website easily from the administration panel. This will keep your users entertained and logged in!

Moderators and Administrators

Assign moderators to your chat rooms, and additional administrators to the chat. Administrators can access the admin panel with your permission.

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