Virtual Chat Credits
Virtual Chat is developed by DesignSkate ( Appropriate credit for icons used throughout the product can be found to the left hand side of this page.
Additional Terms
Virtual Chat is property of DesignSkate. The front-end copyright notice (Chat Software by DesignSkate) may be removed or altered providing you do not claim the software was created by you. Copyright notices on the back-end of the system (administration panel) and in Virtual Chat's source code may not be altered or removed for any reason.

DesignSkate reserves the right to limit or terminate your client account (if activated on if you do not follow the Additional Terms outlined above.
Artwork / Room Design
Virtual Chat is released with a room illustration created for the Virtual Chat software. It may not be resold, re-released or claimed as your own under any circumstances. DesignSkate permits Virtual Chat's customers to use this artwork with the Virtual Chat software. To view the portfolio of the artist, please click here.

Default sprites included with this product are property of Mizuko. DesignSkate does not permit the re-release of these sprites and they may only be used with the Virtual Chat software.

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