PHP Web Development

DesignSkate's primary focus is PHP web development. Since 2006, we've been developing web applications for our own use, and now we're putting our knowledge into products that you'll be using. If you'd like to discuss a PHP job with us, send us an email.

Developer Friendly Code

We know it's great to understand what you're dealing with, that's why our code is neat and tidy. Code is indented and commented at crucial points, so you can jump straight into modifying the features you'd like to change.

Code is carefully organized into files, for example you would probably find most functions in a file titled "functions.php", that's just a wild guess. We're always happy to point you in the right direction when you're having difficulty modifying a specific feature.

Our Work

We've created several chat applications which are currently being sold on CodeCanyon. Our most recent product, readyChat is an excellent example of what we do, as it showcases our ability to integrate PHP, MySQL and Javascript into a single web application. Try readyChat Buy readyChat